Welcome to our Newest Generation of Business Educators!

As their subject curriculum and pedagogy instructor, I am pleased to introduce the twelve Business Education and two Computer Science pre-service teachers who are enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at the University of British Columbia for the 2013-2014 school year.

— Vincent Chan, Adjunct Teaching Professor and Faculty Advisor, UBC


From left to right, starting with the back row, they are:

Kevin McGregor, B.Com. (UBC), comes into teaching with ten plus years of experience with Best Buy Canada working as both a buyer and inventory analyst.  Kevin’s goal is to bring the relevance of the business world into the classroom, and lay the foundation for his students to find their passion.  He is looking forward to giving back to education in the form of Business Education, French, and sports such as volleyball, hockey, and golf.

Peter Wang specializes in teaching Business Education and English as a Second Language.

John Vatougios, B.Phys (Simon Fraser) and M.B.A (National Chengchi University). My last 10 years prior to the B.Ed program at UBC has been spent primarily in Asia where I have been teaching in both private and public schools. I have taught Kindergarten through to Adult for a variety of subjects like English, Social Studies, Science and Business and ESL courses. Experience and breadth was important to me during my former years, but I am excited to come back to Canada and become reacquainted with our K-12 system, especially at the secondary level and in my areas of expertise Physics and Business.

Richard Sundal, B. Com. (U. of C.), has a major in accounting and a minor in economics. He spent a few years working in the accounting field. After that, he has worked for about 12 years in the Education field in South Korea. That time was mainly split between a school that uses an American curriculum and in the Human Resources Development department of a multinational corporation. Richard is interested in teaching Business Education, Computer Studies, Planning 10, lower level math classes, and leading extracurricular clubs and associations. He is willing to relocate anywhere in BC.

Rayman Dale graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology with a major in Business.  Rayman’s goal is to inspire students to learn so that they can reach their full potential.  He wants students to become creative and critical thinkers that are able to address various business situations.  He has a background in banking, real estate and budgeting.  Rayman is interested in teaching Business Education and sponsoring the ski/snowboard club.

Raman Bedi, B. Tech. (BCIT). Prior to entering the Education Program with UBC, Raman worked with businesses in roles such as a Scheduling Coordinating and Operations Supervisor. Raman believes that building a positive, enjoyable and well motivated classroom environment is vital. Raman is interested in teaching Business Education, Physical Education and any Leadership driven courses in his career. He currently coaches a Gr. 8 Boys Basketball Team and plans to coach throughout his teaching career.

Karen Prinsloo, B.Com. (Wits), has majors in Accounting and Marketing and a minor in Economics. She has experience as an accountant and as a Business Educator to high school students and accounting support staff at South African companies like Anglo American, De Beers etc. Karen strives to create a learning environment where students stretch themselves in attempting to discover their full potential.  Karen is an experienced NCCP level 2 certified volleyball coach and would love to combine her passions for teaching and coaching.

Baljeet Gill, B.B.A. (UFV), graduated in 2008 with a major in accounting. He has worked as an accounting supervisor overseeing the accounting operations of 30 retail locations. Baljeet believes that providing students with structured autonomy is the key to an engaging environment where students can thrive. Baljeet also has a passion for sports and still plays ice hockey on a weekly basis.  He looks forward to sharing his business experience with his students and relating it to his lessons.

Miranda Strahl, B. Com. (UNBC), has a major in international business and a minor in math.  She is interested in teaching Business Education, Mathematics, French as a second language and is getting an International Baccalaureate certificate in teaching and learning for the Diploma Program. She brings to her teaching an international perspective from her experience living in Paris, France. Miranda’s goal is to enable learners, foster creativity, explore student potential, and cultivate the skills, knowledge, and attitude to contribute to society. Miranda is excited to be in the classroom and engage with the youth.

Jeanny Park, B.Com. (UBC), has a major in Marketing and International Business. She graduated from Sauder School of Business and was VP External of UBC Business Communications Club. Prior to entering the education program, she taught English in South Korea to middle school students, and is fluent in Korean. Jeanny believes that leadership is the key to success, and is passionate in fostering leadership in her students. Jeanny is interested in teaching Business Education, and sponsoring school badminton team.

Chang Liu, B. Info Tech. (Kwantlen), has taught English in private schools in China for several years before entering the B.Ed program at UBC. Chang believes the primary goal of Education is to foster the sense of constantly bettering oneself in life, and he intends to instill this belief in every single student in his class. Chang is looking for job opportunities mainly in Vancouver and Burnaby and he would like to teach Computer Science and Chinese.

Jason Liu specializes in teaching Computer Science and Mathematics.

Preet Dhaliwal, B.B.A. (UFV), has a major in Human Resource and holds Marketing and Sales certificate and Professional Communication Essentials Certificate.  She has worked for a manufacturing company for four years at the position of Assistant Manager. Preet’s goal is to be an inspirational teacher and wants to be a positive influence to students. She has high expectations from herself and her students along with believing in their capabilities. She would like to teach Business Studies, Punjabi, Computer Studies, Planning and also want to lead the extracurricular clubs and associations.

Andrea Lai, B.Comm., B.A. (University of Calgary), has a major in marketing and in English honours. She has tutored in secondary math and English for over eight years and volunteered for four years as a secondary youth counselor. She and her partner (who teaches secondary science) would like to find positions in Alberta or abroad. She hopes to establish an environment wherein students develop into pragmatic and compassionate individuals. Andrea is interested in teaching business education, English and math.

Weini Zhang, B. Com. (McGill University). Prior to entering the field of education, Weini had worked for a business consulting firm as an assistant business researcher, and SD42 International Department as an ESL teacher.  Weini is enthusiastic about living educationally and happily, and believes that teachers are guides who inspire and challenge students. She is interested in teaching Business Education, Math and ESL, and willing to participate in extracurricular activities.

Jenny Yanbin Wang, B. Eco. , M.A. (Leiden University, the Netherlands), majored in international trade and public administration. Prior to entering UBC B.Ed. program, Jenny worked four years in Canadian International School of Beijing as a teacher assistant for teaching math and English and before that more than ten years in Ministry of Education, China. With a great passion for being a teacher, she believes in building a positive learning environment for her students and promoting students’ inquiring. She looks forward to resume her teacher career in BC in teaching Business Education and Mandarin.

Beth Tuinstra, B. M. (Liberty University), has a major in music with a minor in accounting and international business. She has worked as a manager of two different businesses and has taught in South Korea for three years. Beth wants to create a supportive environment, where her students will be able to flourish mentally and emotionally. She is willing to re-locate to anywhere in BC. Beth looks forward to a long and fulfilling career teaching Business Education and Music.

Francois Rochon is a Canadian teacher with experience in teaching ESL, IB Business, IB ITGS and IB French. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, and a minor in philosophy from Université de Montréal. He also possesses 3 years of experience in teaching English in South-Korea. Francois is completing a Bachelor of Education at UBC, majoring in IB and Business Studies. Francois is a passionate, dynamic and diligent educator with a passion for learning about cultures.


If you are interested in contacting any of these teachers to fill a teaching vacancy in your school, please contact me at vincentchan.ubc@gmail.com.