KEYNOTE: Tristan Jutras “Bitcoin Blockchain and Beyond”

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Blockchain technology has been called the biggest invention since the Internet. Its poster child Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took the markets by storm in 2017, capturing investors’ imaginations and dollars. Then things promptly came crashing down in the new year, leaving many wondering if it was all just a passing fad.But there’s more to “crypto” than simply speculative investments. In this keynote presentation, you’ll get a crash course on Bitcoin, “alt coins” and the game-changing technology that undergirds the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Most importantly, you’ll learn about what it all means for the future of money.

1. My BluePrint

50 Districts in BC have licensed myBlueprint to help support the delivery of the new career ed curriculum. But did you know myBlueprint also has an industry-leading portfolio tool that allows your students to create reflective, presentation-ready portfolios that they can create for Business Ed? This session will explore how your students can use myBlueprint’s Portfolio feature and brand new Class Pass app to add pictures, videos, files and much more to their Business Ed portfolio. Use the portfolio as a cumulative assignment, or simply, as a way to have students reflect on their newfound skills and achievements.Portfolios in myBlueprint can be exported as an interactive link to share with post-secondary admissions, as a visual representation of their skills and abilities when applying to jobs, or turned into a PowerPoint style presentation to use within a classroom setting.


2. Getting Started With Cryptocurrencies 

Has all the hype about Bitcoin left you intrigued but unsure where to start? Join this workshop to learn how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet so you can send and receive funds internationally in minutes instead of days—and with minimal fees. You’ll learn more about the value and impact of blockchain technology, have an opportunity to participate in a lively discussion about its real-world applications, and even receive your first cryptocurrency payment in a live demonstration.

3. Hands on Step-By-Step Computer Coding Tutorial

No experience necessary.  In this session you will learn what a real computer language looks like by following a step-by-step tutorial where you will cut-and-paste code into a running program and watch it evolve into a simple video game.The goal of the course is to help you understand how computers follow instructions.  It is not something that can be taken directly into a classroom (except for maybe IT classes).

4. League of Innovators

League of Innovators (LOI) is a national Canadian charity with the goal of building entrepreneurial acumen at scale and mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs. LOI offers a suite of accessible programs and tools, such as online sessions, crash courses, and an accelerator to provide youth educational experiences that shorten their path to success. LOI was founded by serial entrepreneur Ryan Holmes in 2017 and works with youth ages 15 – 25.                                                                                           This session will highlight some of the programming and experiences LOI has created for youth to build and sharpen their skills but more importantly empower them to create and take charge, and recognize the power that they hold as innovators and entrepreneurs in our economy. Join the conversation around future of work and how we can collectively create direct impact on the challenges that young people face and build entrepreneurial education in Canada!

5. iMinds

iMinds is a way of teaching that nurtures young people’s development of resilience and drug literacy—the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and other drug use is common. The goal is to encourage students to both express and think critically about their current drug-related beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Projected outcomes include increased: Belonging/coneectedness, sense of purpose and agency, awareness of transcendence and falibility, skill in storytelling and rewriting.

6. Cinemetheque

Isolation, addiction, cyber-bullying and tragic suicides have shown us the worst of what’s possible when a youth-led social world develops online. Yet social media have an equally incredible capability to connect us, to inspire creativity, and to allow us to share crucial knowledge around the world.  They have enabled worldwide communities to create immense stores of information, and have connected us with remote individuals and life-changing perspectives.  Examining both the exciting and problematic elements of social media, this workshop encourages young users to reflect upon the ways their brains are changed by regular social media use, and the ways that we use these media to construct identities to fit within others’ expectations.  Interactive activities and discussions support participants in making mindful, conscious decisions about how to navigate their challenging online world.                                                                                                           1.    Understand the physiological changes that occur in the brain as a result of ongoing social media usage.
2.    Discuss and debate the positive and negative impacts of using various social media platforms.
3.    Develop strategies to counteract and cope with the negative elements of social media use and discuss methods to reinforce and encourage the positive elements

7. Ron Darvin: Fake News

8. Minto: CSR Sustainability 

Sustainability continues to grow in relevancy and importance in Canada’s education sector.   Environmental stewardship has become a shared ideology among administrators, students and teachers. The sector plays a pivotal role in advancing the awareness and application of sustainability to support; school operations, course curriculums  and student careers choices.   However as educators, we must effectively discuss sustainability in a language that resonates with students and other key stakeholders.                                                      This session will review Two Key Strategies that will help develop effective language that communicates both proficiency in sustainability but also its application to support students and their potential career choices.                                                                                                                                                                         Creating Customized Q&A to frequently asked questions when discussing sustainability and it’s application to supporting student’s future education and career choices.        Helping teachers and students create customized narratives that can be incorporated into discussions with colleagues, community stakeholders and hiring managers.

9. Junior Achievement: Preparing for your future!

Career life education, Career life connections. Teachers will be shown how to access free programs.

10. Building your School Business Program

Do you want to increase the the number of students enrolling in your Business Courses? We will share with you some of the strategies we use to build a business program in Burnaby.

11. Everfi

From kindergarten to retirement, we know it is the progress of individuals that moves society forward. EVERFI’s engaging, effective and research-backed online education curriculum is designed to do just that. By connecting education to the real world, we’re making sure your learners are set-up for success in the 21st century.

12. Social Media: Jessie Miller